Kerala synonymous with bliss is one of the places in India that you must visit definitely once a lifetime. If you seek to experience something memorable, there are a number of heritage hotels in Kerala also lets you indulge in luxury experiences.

‘God’s Own Country’ as Kerala is fondly known as, is not just all beauty, it is one of the ancient lands with fascinating heritage. While Ayurveda is the state’s olden knowledge of health and wellness, the lands have had visitors since centuries. From the very first colonials to traders of spices, all have been mesmerized by Kerala and have left their reminiscences behind.

Fulfil your dream of learning about heritage with a stay at luxury hotels in Kerala:

Coconut Lagoon Resort, Kumarakom

Coconut Lagoon Resort in Kumarakom

The beautiful property of Coconut Lagoon Resort along the Vembanad Lake in Kumarakom is a living legacy of Kerala. Owing to its fine specimens of ancient ancestral homes, or Tharavadu it is a true heritage of  that existed in Kerala and are now almost extinct. The abodes have been carefully rebuilt from the original locations around Kerala.

While the accommodation takes you back to olden days there are amenities that you enjoy luxuries beyond words. In the 5-star resort, get pampered with blissful treatments of Ayurvedic therapies and wellness programs. Get a relaxing treatment from masseurs trained in Kerala’s famed Ayurvedic schools with specialization in key techniques. Get rejuvenated by treatments of expertise honed through years of experience. Savor delicious gastronomy of Kerala. Additionally, indulge in cherished experiences.

The Travancore Heritage, Kovalam

The Travancore Heritage in Kovalam

Paying tribute to Kerala’s heritage, The Travancore Heritage is a property on the Chowara Beach close to Kovalam. Dating around 150 years back, the 15-acre resort is a bliss of the old world with pleasures of the new. Owing to its recreation of age-old traditional architectural splendor of the region, the ‘Nalukettus’ it is a glorious reminder of the olden days coupled with luxuries.

While on one hand you can enjoy the simple pleasures of eco-friendly accommodation, the modern amenities are not left far behind. Savor pampering Ayurveda treatments by well-experience masseurs. Furthermore, treat your taste buds to the traditional cuisines of Kerala and an especially dedicated restaurant for Ayurveda dishes. Additionally, the view of the cerulean Arabian Sea from the beach property is more than fascinating.

Kalari Kovilakom, Palakkad

Kalari Kovilakom in Palakkad, Kerala

Built in the historic palace of the ancient Vengunad Kingdom, Kalari Kovilakom is now a ‘palace of Ayurveda’. In fact, the resort was set by royalty themselves to seek treatment for a skin ailment. The fresh air of the mountains and the ancient secret of Ayurveda makes it among the best resorts in India. While pampering guests with ancient holistic treatments of Ayurveda, the property treasures its olden days of glory. As the heritage hotels in Kerala is completely dedicated to Ayurveda, guests are treated to matchless pleasures.

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While the ambiance is healing, traditional dance and music performances here make you feel goosebumps. In addition, yoga and meditation courses rejuvenate your senses. Food is a delight and only adds to the feel of luxury.

Old Harbour Hotel, Cochin

Old Harbour Hotel, Kochi

Finding its place among the best hotels in Kerala, Old Harbour Hotel in Kochi is perfect for holiday in Kerala. While it is an oasis of luxury it is testimony to history. The 300-year old monument is now a heritage hotel for guests. In fact, the Dutch style architecture with hints of Portuguese influences is one of the first hotel of Old Cochin.

While you are here, enjoy the wonderful colonial-style ambience. Matchless luxuries are just a way of life, as the amiable staff provide truly lavish services. As the hotel lies in the heart of Fort Cochin, it offers the experience of the days of the old with heritage tours. Marvel at churches, monuments, places of worship and even the markets.

Hotel Lake Palace Resort, Alleppey

Hotel Lake Palace Resort Alleppey

Lying beside the beautiful Vembanad Lake in Alleppey, Hotel Lake Palace is a luxury resort in Kerala. With its roots in history intact, the 5-star hotel has become the ideal option to enjoy a pampering stay amid nature. While the property has heritage-style cottages there are also traditional houseboats to sail over the charming backwaters.

Breathe in the surreal beauty of Indian Own Venice-Alleppey. While traditions are a part of the day to day life, here you can indulge in untold luxuries. The comfort of accommodations feels more special with personal touch of the amiable staff in addition of eco-friendly measures. Ayurveda treatments, lavish dining, houseboat rides, and other amenities makes even the most ordinary of days wonderful! Get ready for blissful holidays in Kerala.

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Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kumarakom

Kumarakom Lake Resort Kumarakom

The pride of the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, the Kumarakom Lake Resort is next on our list of top heritage hotels. The ideal combination of luxury and heritage, the resort is truly one of the places that spoils you with delights. While the property treasures the traditional architecture, the 200-year old Ayurveda centre in the resort- Ayurmana Spa pampers guests with indulgent therapies and treatments. Delightful Kerala dining, houseboat rides, walk in the gardens and the empathetic behavior of staff only add to the bliss.

The bliss and opulence of the resort has over the years influenced travelers from all over the world. From hosting the royal family of United Kingdom to celebrities and more. In fact, the resort has won accolades for its lavish services.

Fort Heritage Hotel, Cochin

Fort Heritage Hotel Kochi

Moving on with our list of the top heritage hotels in Kerala is the Fort Heritage Hotel. The 17th century Dutch palace in Cochin is now a luxury hotel. Lying amid the glory of yesteryears, the hotel brims with regal heritage. In addition, the plush luxury is ideal for a memorable holiday in Kerala.

The ambiance of centuries of history, since the very first travelers from the sea make your stay truly fascinating. While you are here, enjoy the Dutch architecture and Portuguese designs. Experience the olden days as you observe period furniture, paintings, chandeliers and colonial memorabilia. Savor delicious cuisines from over the world, especially dishes from Kerala. In addition of a relaxing stay, heritage tours add to the thrill.

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort, Kovalam

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Beach Resort in Kovalam

Preserving the heritage of authentic Ayurveda, Somatheeram Ayurvedic beach Resort is an amazing resort to plan your holiday in Kerala. While from the very name it is clear that the property upholds the esteemed legacy of Kerala and offers the same to guests from across the world for health benefits as well as promote wellness.

One of the worlds’ first Ayurveda resort, Somatheeram recreates the olden days with lavish accommodation, facilities and more. While the beautiful Chowara beach is close by, the property has a soothing setting. During you stay here, pamper yourself with Ayurveda treatment that rejuvenate your body, mind and soul, breathing in a new life within you.

Shalimar Spice Garden, Thekkady

Shalimar Spice Garden in Thekkady

Enveloped in the beauty of Thekkady, Shalimar Spice Garden is among the best luxury hotels in Kerala. Enjoy the bliss of lush green hills, thrilling excitement of Periyar National Park, spa treatments and many more delights. The charming eco-friendly cottages overlook the fragrant spice gardens, coffee plantations and tea gardens. Lying in the lap of nature, the resort is a world of its own.

Besides the blessings of nature, Ayurveda is the reason why you must absolutely plan a stay here on your holiday in Kerala. The salubrious weather conditions in addition of the expert hands of masseurs makes it a blessing. The 5000 year-old ancient wisdom is true till date as there are solutions for health ailments, stress, in addition of rejuvenation.

The Lake Village Heritage Resort, Kottayam

The Lake Village Heritage Resort in Kottayam, Kerala

Last on our list, we have the Lake Village Resort. The resort is a tribute to Kerala’s heritage, art, architecture and culture. One of the luxury resorts in Kerala, the property lays beside the Vembanad Lake. Traditional architecture and the lavish amenities create an ideal mix for a truly relaxing holiday in Kerala. The accommodation recreate traditional deigns. Wooden features, similar style recreate the old days, while there are a number of traditional barges (houseboats) that are the age-old form of transport on the backwaters.

The Ayurveda centre in the resort offers an amazing range of therapies and treatments. Traditional programs, folk music and dance brighten the evenings. Food is a pleasures for all you senses as traditional recipes passed down generation treat your taste buds.

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