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Revisit the Indian Royal Past

Royal Forts, Palaces, and Havelis are the testimony to centuries of history. Though the era of Kings, Maharajas, Nizams and Nawabs are long gone, the relics remind us of the olden days. The nobility were proud people following traditions. Hospitality was a way of life and everyone, even the direst of enemies were welcomed as guests. In the time of need, nobles never let anyone return empty handed not even the worst of enemies. Matrimonial alliances joined the warrior clans into bonds of family, which were a way to end all kinds of war on and off field.

The magnificent homes of those times were honor of the family. The homes were fitted with many untold luxuries. There were special areas for meeting common folks, other places for VIPs, lavish bedrooms, dining rooms, granary, armory, etc. Women attended the on goings of the court and other meetings but had separate viewing windows behind a ‘purdah’ (veil).

The legacy of the olden days and the olden homes are treasured till date, in what we today know as Heritage hotels. The royal heritage has been carefully preserved and presented to guests at magnificent luxury hotels to relive the royal past. Get a slice of this opulence and magnificence by opting for a stay in these luxury properties. These luxury heritage hotels offer a sneak-peek into the life of the erstwhile royalty of India.

Foundation of Heritage Hotels in India

After independence of India, various princely states were merged in the Indian Republic. With new constitution, there were land reforms and abolition of Jagirs. All the special privileges such as Privy Purses were withdrawn from the generations of the royal families ending the era of kings.

With the changing tides of time, the days were lost in pages of history. The palatial properties of the royal era were left unattended to, until a few years ago. Maintenance of such huge properties became quite difficult for the royal families. Creative entrepreneurs thought upon an idea of restoring, conservation and reuse these heritage residences of the country. These residences and other buildings were refurbished. These properties were turned into heritage hotels, taking a page from the luxury 5-star hotels. Today, many smaller palaces, mansions, forts and hunting lodges of royal families in India have opened their doors to visitors who would like to experience the royal lifestyle of the Maharajas of India.

Amalgam of Heritage with Modern Luxuries

The heritage properties of India converted into luxury hotels retaining the royal touch, memorabilia, traditions and the way of life. Guests can spend night at the same rooms where Kings rested. Traditional dishes served on regal dinners sets take you on a memory trip. The generation of royalty who still reside in their ancestral homes, welcome guests with open arms, following the Indian tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.  Some such hotels are owned by the family while others have been given on lease to Luxury hotel chains.

Though these buildings are decades or even centuries old, necessary reconstructions or changes have been made. They have been refurbished and equipped with all kinds of modern-day facilities. An international traveler can have a pleasant stay amidst amenities like private bath, swimming pool, air-conditioning, LCD TV, entertainment systems, and much more.

Guest can relive the olden days with horse riding, polo races, vintage car rides, buggy rides, spa experiences and other such regal pleasures. So what are you waiting for? Experience the pleasures of royalty with heritage hotels of India.

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