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Experience Indian Royalty with Heritage Hotels

Indian royalty is an epitome of opulence and grandeur. Since the dawn of civilization, India has royal families and empires in almost every region of the country. For centuries and eras, royalty has been the way of life. Every century had a ruler who had made his name, which is known till date. The legendary Magadha Empire, the Cholas, Chalukyas, Pallavas, Mughals, Lodhis, Marathas, warrior clans of Rajputana, are still on the lips of historians and cultural aficionados.

Royal Forts, Places, Havelis are testimony to centuries of Indian Royalty. Though the era of Kings, Maharajas, Nizams and Nawabs are long gone, the relics keep the olden days alive. The fables of India are not just restricted to the books, you can also experience the lifestyle in their very own palaces and forts which are open for guests to enjoy a first-hand experience.

Heritage Hotels of India Recreate Royal Indian Past

When India gained independence from British Rule, the country was still covered by princely states, with rulers and their governments. In 1947, there were more than 560 such princely states in India. With new constitution, there were land reforms and abolition of Jagirs. All the special privileges such as Privy Purses were withdrawn from the generations of the royal families ending the era of kings.

As time went by, the palatial properties of the royalty were abandoned and fell in ruin. The royal heritage being lost was a tragedy, therefore the royal families, hotel groups and enterprisers came upon an idea of restoring these heritage residences of the country. These residences and other buildings were refurbished and converted into heritage hotels. Created from the concept of the luxury 5-star hotels, heritage hotels in India offer experience of the royal lifestyle. Many palaces, forts, mansions and hunting lodges of royal families in India have opened their doors to visitors.

Re-live History with Modern Luxuries

Heritage properties of India retain the royal touch, memorabilia, traditions and the way of life in addition to 5-star luxuries. Spend your time in their homes. Get ready for kingly dinners. Enjoy the same passions of royals. The generation of the royal families who still reside in their ancestral homes, welcome guests with open arms as their own family.

Decades and even centuries have passed but these heritage buildings still have their magnificence as necessary preservations, reconstructions or changes have been made. The ones serving guests, have been refurbished and equipped with all kinds of modern-day pleasures. An international traveler can have a pleasant stay amidst luxury amenities.

Guests can experience the lifestyle of royalty with horse riding, polo races, vintage car rides, horse carriages, spa experiences and other such regal pleasures. Do not hesitate, get ready to experience the pleasures of Indian royalty with heritage hotels of India.

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