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Heritage Hotel Accommodation Across Meghalaya

Heritage Hotels in Meghalaya

Born out of Assam, Meghalaya is one of the smallest states in India known as “The land of the rainclouds”. Peaking outside the rolling hills and plateau between Assam and Bangladesh, Meghalaya manages to win your heart with its overall beauty. The state shares the frame with the Seven Sister States and smiles to the thought of rainfall. As it is the time when the whole area lights up, waterfalls giggle and flow down with great ardor and amuse the travelers.

List of Heritage Hotels in Meghalaya

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Hotel Tripura Castle Shillong

Cleave Colony, Tripura Castle Road, Shillong , Meghalaya - 793003, India

Category - Heritage Hotel
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  • 133 Km
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Showing : 1-1 out of 1

Flipping the pages of history, Meghalaya comes across as a tourist destination of archaeological interest. From the Neolithic era, right to the domestication of rice, the more you get to know about this state, the more you will be fascinated. Modernization still stays at bay while the tribal groups enjoy their traditions and cultural ways. But one thing that takes Meghalaya ahead in time from all the other tourist places is its matrilineal system. To experience all of this, and to relax in this heaven of Northeast India, there is no better way than to book a stay at heritage hotels in Meghalaya.

Although this quaint North East Indian state runs short on the number of heritage properties, it somehow indicates that you are lucky. With its vantage location and royal aura, Tripura Castle Shillong offers you a passage 100 steps close to nature and tranquility. The hotel finds its place in the summer palace of the royal family of Manikya Dynasty of Tripura. So expect to be pampered with a whole of luxury treatment in the lap of verdant greenery.

Further, Meghalaya enjoys a fairly cool climate and temperatures never go above 28°C throughout the year. However, winters can get particularly chilling and sub-zero weather is normal. So you can plan a vacation in Meghalaya and stay in its heritage hotels anytime your heart wishes.

This page here lists down the hotels in Meghalaya that are perfect to make you happy from ear to ear. With Meghalaya gaining momentum as a likable tourist destination, this list waits for more properties to join in. But till then, if you are planning a vacation to the ‘Scotland of the East’.