The idea of getting spoiled with a bit of luxury in Jodhpur may excite many. Make this happen by choosing heritage hotels in Jodhpur. Helping you fulfil your dream of luxury holidays in India, these lavish properties feature everything you wish for. To put it differently, these lavish hotels pamper you with Rajputana environment, latest amenities, eateries and what not! Treat yourself with the world-class hospitality that will make you feel no less than a Maharaja of the bygone era.

The glory of the exteriors, elegant interiors and grandeur of the luxury hotels in Jodhpur can make your stay memorable.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace Heritage Hotel in Jodhpur

To begin with, consider spending a few days at the Umaid Bhawan Palace. Built with yellow sandstone, the architectural marvel can make your Rajasthan heritage tour special. Portraying the real heritage of the royal family, the property comes equipped with opulent artwork, tastefully crafted interiors, adorned rooms, etc. In addition to all this, the hotel being perched on the Chittar Hill is a spellbinding epitome of Rajasthan’s heritage.


  • Artistic décor
  • Luxury city tour organized by the hotel.
  • Exotic views of the city and its attraction from the hotel.
  • The palm court marble used in its construction is same as the one used in the Taj Mahal.
  • Rejuvenation with signature therapies and treatments.

Hotel Raas

Hotel Raas in Jodhpur

Flaunting stylish pillars, fascinating architecture, red sandstone walls, lush gardens and grand courtyards, Raas is a famous Alfresco dining venue. Notably the first boutique hotel of Jodhpur, it features a signature look depicting the perfect mélange of the old and new. Furthermore, the heritage property beguiles with delicate carvings inspired from iconic Haveli style of 18th century. When lit up in the evening, the hotel offers breathtaking views.

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  • The heated swimming pool which looks truly magnificent.
  • Awe-inspiring views of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort from every room.
  • Fort adventuring which includes Zip lining in Jodhpur.
  • A quick tuk-tuk ride from the hotel to the city.
  • Result-oriented Ayurvedic treatments.

Madho Vilas

Madho Vilas in Jodhpur

Giving a feeling of serenity, Madho Vilas promises a comfortable stay. As a matter of fact, staying at this exclusive place must be on your bucket list while on a tour to Jodhpur. The homely feeling together with the Art Deco of the hotel leaves one in a state of awe. Besides this, it is also the place where the history of the Rajasthan teams up with the future of India.


  • The royal grandeur of the 16 well-appointed rooms.
  • Deep armchairs and extremely comfortable mattresses.
  • Multi-cuisine restaurant offering scrumptious delicacies.

Nimaj Palace

Nimaj Palace of Jodhpur

Owing to captivating views, emerald green environs and open spaces, Nimaj Palace is an experiential heritage hotel. Wake up to the enchanting views of the scenic lake. Avail the world-class hospitality. Above all, make your dream come true of reliving the medieval era in a royal way. As soon as you pass by the towering gates, you revel in a feeling of awe and reverence. Embark on a journey of a lifetime amidst all the luxuries in one of the best hotels in Jodhpur.


  • Stay in luxury tents that offer a luxury experience.
  • A soothing welcome drink which provides utter relaxation.
  • Traditional welcome of the guests.
  • Darbar theme dinners based on the dining style of erstwhile rulers in Marwar.

Balsamand Lake Palace

Balsamand Lake Palace in Jodhpur

If you want to spend your vacations in India at a royal and diverse heritage property, then Balsamand Lake Palace is for you! The sprawling estate overlooks the pristine Balsamand Lake. Besides this, the Rajputana architectural style adds to the beauty of the place. Although fitted with state-of-the-art amenities, the ancient lavish retreat retains its old world charm. Another key point to note is that the palace witnesses a huge footfall in all the seasons.


  • Meticulously designed Garden Rooms have their very own Croquet lawn, Rose Garden and restaurant.
  • Widely spread orchards of pomegranate and lime and landscaped gardens interwoven by stylish waterways.
  • Staggered terraced gardens and lush green lawns are a visual retreat.
  • In addition to all these, dining alcoves, huge Jacuzzi baths and traditional seating make the palace all the more attracting.

Ajit Bhawan Hotel

Ajit Bhawan Hotel in Jodhpur

Amidst the tranquil deserts of Rajasthan, Ajit Bhawan stands as an oasis of unrivalled generosity. Ranking on top on the list of best heritage hotels in Jodhpur, Ajit Bhawan is known for erstwhile splendor. Because of this, the exquisite property treasures prestigious reputation in the ‘Blue City’. While searching for a matchless stay, the fact that it is the first heritage hotel in India must be remembered. Narrating legends of transcendence and treasures, the hotel is a shining gem of Jodhpur.


  • Dine like the royals of Jodhpur.
  • Glimpses of ethnic Marwari lifestyle with Village Safari.
  • Exploring the town in Vintage Cars.
  • A camel ride to Osian.

Ranbanka Palace

Ranbanka Palace, Jodhpur

Next on the list of the luxury hotels in Jodhpur is Ranbanka Palace, an exclusive heritage resort. Echoing the glory of the historic past, the property display Marwar heritage coupled with the colonial style. Eye-catching attractions such as mantelpieces, fireplaces, hunting trophies, etc. adorn the magnificent palace. Moreover, the palatial property is bestowed with the epithet of ‘Classic Heritage Hotel’ by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. In fact, the royal palace is a haven for the connoisseurs of fine living and heritage.


  • Jodhana Courtyard, a contemporary café that turns into a romantic restaurant after dusk.
  • Rajasthani Baithak.
  • Cultural evenings in Jodhpur.
  • Kalbelia dance performances, a part of UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List.

Heritage Kuchaman Haveli

Heritage Kuchaman Haveli in Jodhpur

Nestled in the heart of the ‘Sun City’, the Heritage Kuchaman Haveli was once an extravagant abode of Kuchaman Thakur. Effortlessly combining aristocracy with avant-garde amenities and heritage, the royal mansion is a true testament to traditional heritage. Outstanding Marwari hospitality is another equally important aspect of the hotel that makes it truly exceptional. What’s even special is that the hotel lies in close proximity to some of the major attractions in Jodhpur. Vicinity to the railway station is also an added plus.


  • Puppet shows and folk dance on demand.
  • Village Safari
  • Traditional and Ayurvedic Massage.
  • The restaurant serves a Thai, Chinese and continental dishes.

Pal Haveli

Enclosed amid high walls, Pal Haveli is home to Rajputana treasures, weaponry and antiques. Besides being one of the best hotels in Jodhpur, the palace is also a living museum. Treat your eyes to the amazing views of the Clock Tower, Umaid Bhawan, Jaswant Thada, etc. Overlooked by the splendid Mehrangarh Fort, the haveli comes decked with heritage mementos and antiques. The modern luxurious stay at the haveli will urge you to come back here often.


  • One of the city’s finest rooftop restaurant, Indique boasts of unbeatable views.
  • Apart from Barbeque facilities, the guests can enjoy a variety of succulent Tandoori dishes.
  • Dining under a canopy of stars.

Hotel Ratan Vilas

Hotel Ratan Vilas, Jodhpur

A genuine heritage edifice, Hotel Ratan Vilas is known for its elegant interiors and imposing yet delicately carved exteriors. Reminiscent of the romance of the olden days, the hotel still continues to be the dwelling place of the Maharajas. For this reason, one can rest assured of a memorable stay in the lap of luxury.  In a nutshell, the grand villa will leave you pampered to the core. Don’t miss to admire the architectural simplicity showcased in the immaculately clean rooms.


  • Jeep Safaris to nearby villages.
  • Fine dining in air-conditioned rooms.
  • Rejuvenating massages.

Relaxing beside the pool.

Fort Khejarla


Rising like a sunbeam from the desert, Fort Khejarla is perched atop granite boulders. Showcasing a mélange of art and architecture, the interiors appear mesmerizing in contrast to the rugged exteriors. Delight in a time travel during your Rajasthan heritage tour while marveling at the intricate Jharokas, spellbinding settings and latticework friezes. The enlivening experience of staying at this lavish property is beyond description. The timeless beauty of the hotel cast a spell when the sun starts to bid adieu to the day.


  • Enjoy fort tour
  • Delight in royal welcome
  • Partake in kite flying
  • Take part in Culinary Workshops
  • Go for a heritage village tour and local temple visits

Fort Chanwa

Once a little-fortified haveli, Fort Chanwa now stands as one of the best heritage hotels in Jodhpur. Here, visitors are offered princely hospitality which leaves them in a state of awe. Furthermore, the proud owners of the fort welcome the guests the moment they step in. Capturing the grace and romance of the bygone era, the haveli is a unique example of the elegance. Sleep amidst enchanting settings and wake up to the stunning views. A stay at Fort Chanwa Luni is guaranteed to be an experience of a lifetime!


  • The fort can make your wedding truly exceptional
  • Make the most of the village tours planned especially for you
  • Go for camel or jeep safari
  • Spot the local wildlife
  • Choose from a fine collection of unique gifts and souvenirs

Bijolai Palace

Situated adjacent to the Kaylana Lake, the Bijolai Palace is an Inde Hotel. Reckoned as one of the oldest palaces in the city, the hotel has also been tagged as a heritage resort in Jodhpur. Besides the picturesque views of the lake, treat your eyes to the grandeur of the Aravalli Hills. The serenity prevailing at the property and the mesmerizing starlit sky transfer you into a different world altogether. Make your tour to Jodhpur memorable by spending a few days here.


  • Get on the trail of adventure with Desert Safari
  • Experience traditional lifestyle with Village Safari
  • Cherish Royal Dining
  • Get first-hand information about traditional water harvesting techniques
  • Learn to cook Marwari Cuisines

Devi Bhawan

Eighty years old, the Devi Bhawan serves as a residing place of Thakur Ratan Singh and his family. An oasis of warm hospitality, the property exhibits Rajputana charm. Visitors are treated as family at this one of the best hotels in Jodhpur. Here, at the hotel, you will be delighted to witness how the old world elegance teams up with the modern comforts. Spacious rooms are crafted especially to soothe the weary souls and exhausted travelers. Bask in the sun and get pampered with superb hospitality.


  • Explore sand dunes of Osian
  • Spot wildlife
  • Camel and jeep safari
  • Go for a village safari
  • Experience how it feels to stay in a village

Haveli Inn Pal

Crafted elegantly, the Haveli Inn Pal is a home away from home. The palatial haveli is an excellent place to revel in the feel of staying at the traditional Rajputana home. A matchless experience coupled with a friendly atmosphere and warm hospitality urges you to visit this one-of-a-kind hotel again. Another key point to note is the way the staff brings the authentic Rajasthani meals to the table. Once here, just sit back and sip on a perfect cup of espresso coffee while having a friendly conversation with others.


  • Gaze at breathtaking views from a pleasant terrace PANORAMA.
  • Go for sightseeing tours
  • Delight in Jeep Safari
  • Spend some time at the picnic area
  • Explore Mehrangarh Fort and Lake Gulab Sagar which lie in close proximity

All these heritage hotels in Jodhpur has something special in store for you. You will surely feel the difference every time you visit them.