WelcomHeritage Haveli Dharampura is not just a Haveli, it is Delhi’s one of the finest heritage hotel. The revamped Haveli is nothing less than a five-star hotel where one can admire the royalty of the Mughals.

Staying at this heritage hotel of Delhi is a matchless experience. It takes you through the glorious past of the capital of India. Haveli Dharampura is surrounded by the narrow streets lined up with various shops, famous attractions nearby and the aroma of the mouthwatering food.

The prime location of this Heritage Haveli makes it easily accessible. Get a glimpse of the lavish lifestyle of the Mughals while being surrounded by the modern amenities of the present era.

Inside view of Welcomheritage haveli Dharampura


The heritage hotel in Delhi, Haveli Dharampura dates back to the Mughal Era. It was built around 1887 AD and still retains its glory. The Haveli was intended to have a mélange of both commercial and residential patterns. This three floor hotel has shops on the lower ground floor which face the streets. Entry is permissible via a grand entrance at the ground floor.

The first floor houses elegant rooms. Whereas, it took dedicated efforts of seven years to make the desired change and add another floor here. Earlier, the Heritage Haveli was a part residential zone but it is now transformed into a core commercial area.

Even the location of this Heritage Hotel in Delhi holds a historical significance behind its name. ‘Dharam’ means religions and ‘Pur’ implies the place. So basically, Dharampura translates into a place where different religions coexists mutually. One can picture out the same by observing different small and big regional places in close proximity.


The late-Mughal styled Haveli is portrays the historical imprints through its physical features. It is splendidly carved in red and buff sandstone. The façade is adorned with floral patterns, fluted designs and sculptures. Balconies, brackets, arched gateway, jharokas, and wooden doorway gives an ancient look to the place.

A central courtyard inside brings the pictures of Maharajas addressing meeting in the bygone era. It is enclosed by rooms fully equipped with modern amenities. A small stairway, made up of stones, on one side leads to the first floor.

Although, the previous Haveli was in its ruins. However, Vijay Goel, a prominent Indian politician, proposed to make efforts to restore it without compromising with its architectural heritage. Thus, this heritage hotel in Delhi was re-plastered, re-painted and modified under the supervision of conservation architect.

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Staying at Haveli Dharampura is a matter of pride! There are 60 rooms and all of them are confluence of the history and latest modifications. There are three options to choose from.

Shahjahan Suites – Shahjahan Suites give you a true feeling of how the royals of the Mughal times spend their days and nights here. Elegantly housing the plush interiors and modern décor, these suites offer an experience of a lifetime.

Sitting area of WelcomHeritage haveli Dharampura

Diwan-E-Khas Rooms –  ‘Khas’ means special and there is no stone left unturned here to make you feel special. These rooms consists of sitting area to unwind and ponder upon the architectural marvel of the room.

Diwan-E-Khas Room of Haveli Dharampura

Jharokha Rooms – The center of attraction of these rooms is the Jharokha i.e. window that facilitate an amazing view of the courtyard.

Jharokha Room of Haveli Dhramapura


Dining area of Haveli Dharamputa

An old-world restaurant named Lakhori tempts you for a fine dining experience. Both the new and the old delicacies are served here. Don’t forget to sip in some of the best cocktails and smoothies.

The scrumptious appetizers can satiate the foodie in you. Mouthwatering main course and much awaited deserts surely don’t leave an inch of space in your stomach for anything else. Be it the relishing Mughlai cuisines or the lip smacking food of Chandni Chowk, you’ll be served with each and everything right on your table.

A rooftop is also available for all those who want to club their dining experience with sightseeing. The open terrace allows you to gaze at the wonderful sights of the iconic attractions of Delhi while savoring the best food.

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Recreational activities

There is a galore of recreational activities to get engaged into at the Heritage Haveli in Delhi.

  • Classical Kathak Dance – Applaud the tradition of Kathak Dance which is still kept alive at the Haveli Dharampura.

Classical Kathak Dance performance in Haveli Dharampura

  • Live Classical Music – Classical Music is not just an art, it is the soul of India. Listen to some of the Ragas or practice some of the Talas to get a closer feel of the nation.
  • Kite Flying – Master the skill of flying a kite and cutting another’s kite while saving your own.

Kite Flying at haveli Dharampura

  • Pigeon Flying – Even pigeon flying is a famous folk sport in India.

  • Old Delhi Heritage Walk – What’s the point of coming to Delhi if you haven’t stepped out for a Heritage Walk? Get ready and explore every nook and corner to make your sojourn a memorable one.

Old Delhi Heritage Walk

  • Sightseeing – Delhi is dotted with things to sightsee. One can find almost everything here. The Dharampura Haveli is the best place to start with.

This heritage hotel in Delhi is surely an added feather to its cap and is luring people from far and near.

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