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Heritage Hotels Chains in India

The properties which are heritage hotels in India today, were the forts and palaces of the erstwhile royalty of India. They had been the residences of the royalty as well as the nobility for centuries. These abodes had been well-known for their impeccable hospitality. A visit or a stay at any of the heritage hotels is a great experience because the present-day caretakers have made sure that they keep intact every traditional touch be it the décor, the carvings or the manner of hospitality. As these were the homes of royalty, the architecture of every property is magnificent with a number of huge rooms, courtyards, separate galleries for the ladies, separate area for the men, the servants and guests of the royalty.

It was an unsaid tradition that whoever visited these palaces, used to experience the warm hospitality and now as most of the palaces have been transformed into heritage hotels, the same tradition of impeccable hospitality services has been kept alive. Every individual who visits these heritage hotels enjoys flawless services.

After independence, the concept of royal titles and feudal lords were abolished along with the abolition of Privy Purses that offered special privileges to the Kings and Queens. As a result, the generations of the royal family found the maintenance of such palatial properties quite difficult. For a long period of times, these properties were left unattended, when some people realized how important their maintenance was. This is how heritage hotels came up.

Welcom Heritage Hotels

Welcom Heritage looks after some of the best of heritage hotels of India. Post independence, the generation of some of the royal Indian families realized that in order to keep these properties in good shape, it was necessary that they should be converted into heritage hotels. Because of this phenomenon, even the world was able to get a sneak-peak into the grand lifestyle of the Indian royalty. The group has made sure that they take care of each and every thing in a careful manner.

You can enjoy at any of the heritage hotels in India and a few resorts:

Neemrana Heritage Hotels

Becoming a part of history and reliving the life of the royalty has become an extremely easy thing now. By staying in any of the heritage properties, which are taken care of by Neemrana Hotels, you can re-live the life of the kings and queens:

HRH Group of Hotels

The heritage palaces, which are being maintained by the HRH Group of Hotels in the form of heritage hotels have played host to numerous unforgettable affairs. They have every quality to become the venue for any important grand event such as a wedding, theme shows, conferences and more.




Palaces of India

The sales and marketing operations of a number of heritage hotels in the country are looked after by Palaces of India, which is an expert company in this field. It manages the work of some of the finest heritage properties of India, located in various states such as Kerala, Northeast, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Samode Hotels

The lovely location of Samode hotels, a luxury heritage hotel group, makes it even more special. The special surroundings of every Samode property offer a great opportunity to the guest that he can enjoy his vacation to the fullest. They offer excellent personalized services so that your vacation becomes memorable.

This group has 2 luxury hotels in the state of Rajasthan which are well-known for providing world-class facilities along with impeccable hospitality, an Indian trademark.

Samode Haveli:- This is a relatively small property but offers excellent personalized services to its guests in a setting that is traditional. Every room of Samode Haveli is well-fitted with every modern-day facility of world-class level. In the warm ambiance of this mansion, you feel just like your home. This property is a perfect blend of both traditional and contemporary features such as antique furniture, royal art pieces along with every modern service.

Samode Bagh:- Spread in 20 acres of lush garden, Samode Bagh is an amalgamation of contemporary luxuries and traditional warmth. During your stay in this romantic property, you are going to enjoy a stay in luxury tents which are well-appointed with facilities like AC, comfortable furnishings etc. these camps with Rajasthani and Victorian style décor are enclosed with a stone wall that is 15 feet high. The sprawling garden has a row of 200 fountains.

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