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  • Rooms 12
  • Lakshman Sagar Pali

    Raipur Road, Near Haripur Railway Station, Dist. Pali, Raipur, Rajasthan 306304, India
  • Overview
  • Overview

    Lying along a man-made lake, over an area of 32 acres, Lakshman Sagar is one of the best luxury heritage hotels in Pali, Rajasthan. It is a beautiful property and enjoys a breathtaking location. There are 12 eco-friendly mud and stone cottages, equipped with modern world-class comforts. Every corner of this resort exudes an authentic local charm. The resort has customized dining system and thus the guests can enjoy meals at the location of their choice. There are swimming pool, lounging areas and several recreational facilities for you. Savor the peace and admire the wonderful locales.

Hotel Details

Located at the borders of Indian wilderness in Pali, Laksham Sagar was constructed in the second half of the 19th century. It served the purpose of being the hunting lodge and was commissioned by Lakshman Singh Ji, the then Thakur of Raipur. The resort also often became the venue of various noble families and British ambassadors. It now is under Sewara group and has turned into a wonderful heritage resort. While the heritage has been kept intact, new additions have been made in the property.

Accommodation at Lasksham Sagar is in the form of cottages. There is a total of 12 cottages, which are segregated into 2 clusters. Six 900 square m cottages are located on both the sides of the lake. The rooms gel with the natural topography and silhouettes of the hills. Rooms look similar but not identical. The features and additions in the room take cue from the culture of the village life. The cottages are made from local eco-friendly material such as mud, wood and stone.

Every room opens to a private splash pool, offering the views of the lake and the landscape. The attached bathrooms have interesting grey slate walls. The interiors are bright and take their inspiration from the local life of the village. The key holder is in the form of jalebi patal (wok for sweets), belans (rolling pins), lotas (pots), shoe cleaners from brooms, and butter churners adorn the rooms. The bright pink curtains look stunning, forming a wonderful contrast with the grey-colored walls. There are separate living areas and bedroom, which features an attached bathrooms.

  • Lounging arrears
  • Swimming pool
  • Organic green vegetable garden
  • Private dining and live cooking
  • Customized juttis and jewelry
  • Several dining spaces
  • Cottages
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  • Sightseeing
  • Sundeck for sunbathing and leisure
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Guided nature walks
  • Vegetable harvesting
  • Village tours and Raipur fort visit
  • Jeep safaris
  • Trek to Fatehgarh fort
  • Sundowners on the Zanana terrace
  • Local liqueur tasting
  • Live barbeques and cocktails by the lake and local music performances
Local Info
  • Distance From Airport 123 km
  • Distance From Station 85.7 km

Pali is a beautiful city of Rajasthan that is also known for its historical structures. The place is known to have a serene charm, and thus it offers peaceful relaxing vacations. Ranakpur Jain temples, Jawai Dam, Om Banna temple, Pali National Park, Nimboo ka Nath, Hatundi Rata Mahaveer Swami Temple, Surya temple, Ghanerao village, are some of the popular attractions in Pali.

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