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Heritage Hotels in Dundlod

Nestled in the rugged Aravallis in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan is Dundlod is well known for its forts and Havelis. Situated in Rajasthan, the palatial mansions of Dundlod recall the glory and grandeur of yesteryears. The magnificent Rajput Havelis with intricate designs and glorious paintings have a majestic presence in the Rajasthan. Most of them have turned into the Heritage Hotels in Dundlod. Dundlod was a residential place for the Shekhawat rulers under the Jaipur state.

List of Heritage Hotels in Dundlod

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Dundlod Fort Dundlod

Dundlod - 333702, Rajasthan, India

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Built in the year 1750, Dundlod is also the place of the Goenka family. If you are planning a royal retreat then plan a stay in the Heritage Hotels in Dundlod. From the best of luxury and comfort wrapped in elegance and grandeur, the heritage hotels in Dundlod reflect the royal lifestyle of the Rajputs. Just before India got its independence, the kings and Maharajas had lost their royal titles. It was very difficult for them to maintain their palatial mansions and the royal lifestyle. So most of them turned their palaces into hotels which led to the rise of heritage hotels in Dundlod Rajasthan is the city of forts and palaces.

Dundlod is a little village in Jhunjhunu which also has preserved the remnants of the Rajput glory in its relics. The heritage hotels in Dundlod depict the life of splendor which the Rajputs led. After being refurnished into heritage hotels these mansions still have that medieval aura and charm that allures tourists from all over. The royal heritage hotels in Dundlod are simply a class apart. In the walls of these Havelis there bare numerous stories of heroism, sacrifice and romance. The homes of Rajput kings, queens and knights, the heritage hotels in Dundlod stand as a testimony to the by gone eras.

Relax in the well furnished rooms with the royal interiors and the lavish antique furniture, chandeliers, photographs and anecdotes amidst royal luxury and comfort, the heritage hotels in Dundlod. So treasure the memories of this vacation by planning a stay in the Heritage Hotels of Dundlod and take home the memories of a royal retreat in Rajasthan.