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The Past Revisited

The palaces and havelis have been abodes of the nobilities for decades. They have set examples of impeccable services to all their guests. Traditionalism was a part of the lives of the people who resided in them.  Everyone, even starngers were given a warm welcome and were given a lot of respect. Even an enemy in the times of need, did not return empty-handed. Matrimonial alliances in the enemy clans were a way to end all kinds of war on the field.

                                                                  Fateh Prakash Palace, Udaipur

The feudal homes of those times were a proof of the bravery as well as heroism of people who resided in them, with a major entrance kept only for the VIPs. There were separate viewing windows for the ladies of the house. The ‘Zenana’ held their own durbars since they had to be behind a ‘purdah’ (veil).  Even behind this veil, they were known to held a lot of power. 

General Amar Singh

                    General Amar Singh, Thakur of Kanota

After independence, various princely states were merged, there were land reforms and there was abolition of Jagirs. All the special privileges such as privy purses were withdrawn from the generations of the royal families. It would be no exaggeration to say the royal families lost their traditional manner of source of revenue. Even the wealthy merchants were forced to leave their houses in search of better options.

These palatial properties were left unattended to, until a few years ago when some creative entrepreneurs thought upon an idea of restoring, conservation and reuse these heritage residences of the country. These mansions and abodes of the erstwhile kings and queens of India were turned into heritage hotels, on the lines of luxury 5-star hotels. There are a lot of such properties which now have been converted into heritage hotels in India, sprinkled all over the landscape. 

The present-day caretakers are keeping the royal touch intact in everything. You will be served traditional dishes during your stay, which were being prepared from centuries. The generation of the royalty who still reside in their ancestral homes, welcome you with open arms as their guests. Every palace has a different décor, tradition, period and history and thus each offer a unique experience to its guests. the paintings and photographs adoring the walls, say everything. 

Since these buildings sometimes are decades or even centuries old, necessary reconstructions or changes have been made. This is imperative, in order to make available all kinds of modern-day facilities to the discerning guests. An international traveler can have a pleasant stay amidst amenities like private bath, swimming pool, AC, LCD TV and much more.

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