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Indian Royalty

India is always considered as an incredible land, a country which caught the fancy of the  western world. It is one of the ancient inhabited civilizations in the world and people from the western world conducted several voyages to explore this enchanting land. In a huge country like India, once known as a golden sparrow, had a rich variety of resources such as spices, silks and exquisite jewels. The country abounds with snow clad mountains, thick forests, vast tropical places, undulating desert expanse and sandy  beaches. The land was home to valorous Rajputana warriors, whose pride and chivalry is still sung by the bards  of Rajasthan.

Here a rich prince named Siddhartha, born to the royal family of Kapilavastu, left all the comforts of the materialistic world and began his journey to an unknown path in search of enlightenment and later came to be known as Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism.

Over the centuries, India was ruled by as many as 565 kingdoms, each of which were owned by different dynasties from different parts of the world. In the  15th century, India witnessed the advent of the Mughals on its soil. Unlike other Muslim invaders, whose sole purpose was to conduct raids, Mughals made India their home and did all possible endeavors to unite the country as one nation.

After the Mughals, it was the British who recognized the need of unifying India and made substantial efforts to end the ongoing conflict. During the reign of the Mughals and British, several architectural wonders were created in the name of forts, mosques, churches and palaces. These palaces and forts served as an exclusive venue for an opulent lifestyle. Here ball parties, festivals and marriage ceremonies were celebrated with great  pomp.

At the time of Independence in 1947, all the princely states were merged into the Republic of India to give way to a modern and democratic nation. In 1971, the Constitution of India de-recognized the royal families and their privileges were withdrawn. However, the lifestyle, they were habitual of, was retained by them and they continued to live graciously. Most of them are now industrialists, businessman and even hoteliers. Most of the royal families have managed to convert their ancestral homes into the heritage hotels. This initiative was taken to maintain the lavish lifestyle and to allow foreign tourists to experience the charm of royal living. Heritage Hotels of India, with its extensive list of heritage hotels, will let you experience the royal lifestyle of yore. 

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